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Informacja: Administratorem danych osobowych jest „Kancelaria Adwokacka Adwokat Piotr Charzewski”  NIP: 8191619794, adres: Al. Tadeusza Rejtana, nr 23, lok. 1.2, 35-326 Rzeszów. Dane są przetwarzane celem udzielenia odpowiedzi na pytania zawarte w  formularzu kontaktowym. Udostępnienie danych jest dobrowolne i mogą być przekazane wyłącznie do podmiotów świadczących na rzecz Administratora usługi wsparcia, (księgowe, kadrowe, IT). Można się sprzeciwić przetwarzaniu danych, żądać dostępu do nich, sprostowania, usunięcia, ograniczenia przetwarzania oraz przeniesienia. Można też wnieść skargę do Prezesa Urzędu Ochrony Danych Osobowych. Dane będą przechowywane przez okres 15 lat od daty wykonania lub zaprzestania wykonywania umowy.

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Family matters are among those which are most frequently encountered by practising lawyers. Moreover, the related proceedings carry a significant emotional load since they frequently involve hurt feelings, children’s well-being, as well as distribution of assets acquired during the years of marriage. Therefore, our Clients may count on discretion, understanding and effective support. RESLEGAL lawyers have handled dozens of family law cases, so they are able to accurately access the Client’s chances for success, and can predict effects of specific actions and decisions related to the litigation.

The Law Firm is currently handling many cases of this type; we mainly represent our Clients in proceedings connected with the following issues:

  • divorces and separations – we have large experience and have been highly effective in conducting cases of this type. We provide legal support in divorce and separation proceedings, whether or not the petition includes a request to adjudicate about fault for breakdown of marriage.
  • division of property – these are the rules of proceeding after the dissolution of marriage, in order to distribute assets acquired during the marriage. The role of legal counsel in cases related to distribution of property is of key importance because in practice it may translate into the value of the property adjudicated for the benefit of a given spouse or the amount of repayment awarded from them to the other spouse. Our practice has shown that each case must be thoroughly examined as it may be possible e.g. to exempt specific assets from division because they are part of the Client’s personal property; it may also be necessary to account for expenditures towards a spouse’s separate property; finally it may turn out that there are reasons for specifying unequal share of the two parties in their joint property. Hence, each Client should make sure they receive counsel from a lawyer with expertise, experience as well as an idea on how to best represent the Client’s interests.
  • child support cases – RESLEGAL offers counsel in child support cases and in proceedings aimed at increasing or decreasing the amount of the allowance. Our lawyers will help determine the amount of support the child should receive, the child’s cost of living, as well as the earning capacity and economic status of the parent responsible for child support payments. This way the Client can be assured that the Court of Law will receive adequate evidence, based on which it will be possible to claim appropriate level of support. We compile requests to secure the claim for child support as a result of which it is possible to obtain child support even before the final adjudication is issued in the relevant case. This way our Clients may receive money during the legal proceedings. We also provide counsel related to child support enforcement, including actions taking place abroad.
  • proceedings aimed at determining child’s place of residence, contacts and child custody – in this case, taking into account mainly the best interest of the child, the Law Firm provides counsel in ensuring adequate legal relationship between parents and their under-age children.